Four Principles

Sundanese dance requires firm dedication and commitment on the part of the student to work towards master of the four principles. Only when these principles are mastered, when everything is done meticulously and thoroughly, can the individual truly be called a dancer.


(raga = body)

A dancer must master the technique and choreogaphy of the dance.

(irama = music)

A dancer must understand the melody and rhythm of the music and to have a high sensitivity to the musical feeling.
3. Wirasa
(rasa = feeling, sense, test, sensation)
In presenting a dance, it is not enough to know the technique and choreography. The dancer must be able to unite the feeling of the movement and the feeling of the music. The result is a dance in perfect harmony.
4. Wanda
(wanda = character)
In the traditional dances that represent dramatic characters, the dancer must be able to become that character.